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    Vitamin supplements — stripped down to the essentials.

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    One and Done

    Convenient little vitamin strips that go a long way.

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    Rest easy.

    Rest easy.

    With melatonin, vitamin B6, beta-caryophyllene, GABA, and L-Theanine, our Sleep+ vitamin strip supplement is designed to ensure restful sleep giving you the recharge you need for whatever tomorrow brings.

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    A week’s worth of sunshine.

    A week’s worth of sunshine.

    Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, our Sunshine Support vitamin strip supplement is great for maintaining optimal vitamin D levels so you can be the best version of yourself. Just take one strip and you’re good for the whole week!

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    Wholesale with us

    Wholesale with us

    Low overhead, convenient built in display, eye-catching shelf appeal. Our tested and patented oral-film vitamin strips offer a fresh new way to supplement, in a flavorful and convenient format.

    Get in touch to explore wholesale pricing.

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